Lakers A. Davis.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Lakers star A. Davis (Anthony Davis) missed 20 games due to a right foot injury, and finally returned to the team today. He started off the bench and contributed 21 points and 12 rebounds. LeBron James scored 20 points as the Lakers beat the Spurs 113-104 at home.

A. Davis played this game as a substitute, and he played with 4 minutes and 22 seconds left in the first quarter.

However, before the gunshot in the third quarter, A. Davis shot a large three-pointer across the midfield line, but accidentally stepped on the foot of Spurs forward Collins (Zach Collins), making A. Davis suspected The right foot "overturned the boat", but fortunately there was no serious injury, and A. Davis continued to fight on the field.

Collins was called a first-degree malicious foul, allowing A. Davis to make three free throws.

After the first three quarters, the Lakers trailed 81 to 82.

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Lakers James.

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When the Lakers fell behind 81 to 85 in the final quarter, new classmates Rui Hachimura and James scored a total of 11 points, helping the Lakers play a 22-6 offensive to reverse the game and seal the victory.

In the end, the Lakers won their third win in nearly four games.

Five Lakers scored in double figures. A. Davis played 26 minutes and 12 seconds as a substitute in this game. He made 7 of 15 shots and scored 21 points and 12 rebounds.

James had 20 points and 11 rebounds.

Patrick Beverley scored a season-high 18 points.

Hachimura Lei, a Japanese player who had just been traded to the Lakers by the Wizards, scored 12 points and 6 rebounds.

Russell Westbrook had 14 points.

The Spurs also had five players score in double figures, with Keldon Johnson leading the way with 25 points.


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Lakers A. Davis.


The Lakers have eight village bases.

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