Chen Yi returned to play in the National Games.

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Reporter Liang Weiming / special report

Chen Di came back to play in the National Games.

(Provided by Siwei Sports Promotion and Education Foundation)

●Introduction: "If you never forget, there will be echoes." Chen Di and Chen Yi, brothers and sisters who were born in professional tennis, now have a more exciting life after retirement. The former has devoted himself to the grassroots to lead the local new generation in Keelung, and actively promoted the "Chicken Cage Cup" and other events The latter was successfully re-elected as a city councilor, adhering to the spirit of fighting to the end as a sportsman, integrating resources to continue serving voters, and joining hands to give back to the countryside to create a new world.

Brother and sister Chen Di (left) and Chen Yi (right) have a more exciting life after retiring from professional tennis.

(Provided by Chen Di)

Chen Di retired and worked hard in grassroots tennis

Chen's mother, Cai Liyue (first from left), and Chen's father, Chen Mingcai (third from left), are both good athletes.

(Provided by Chen Di)

As a model student of the "five-time veteran" of the Asian Games in tennis, Chen Di had the idea of ​​retiring after the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games. "Since pursuing my dream in 2002, I have been a player for 16 years. It is time to change the track and try a different life." Entering the profession alone With his passion for tennis, Chen Di constantly breaks through the framework, breaks through obstacles, and walks out of his own way. "These precious gains and rare experiences make me want to pass them on."

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Brothers and sisters Chen Di (right) and Chen Yi (left) returned to represent Keelung City in the National Games.

(Provided by Siwei Sports Promotion and Education Foundation)

As early as 2010, when the Guangzhou Asian Games men's team won gold, Chen Di took the initiative to donate part of the prize money to repair the local tennis facilities in Keelung. So far, the amount has reached several million Taiwan dollars. "This is called Yudu, and most of the venues are old and damaged. There is a lack of indoor courts, so instead of complaining, I think it’s better to take the lead in doing something.” In addition to spending money to attract others, Chen Di became more active after retiring. Even though China, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries frequently beckoned, he still declined the invitation of a rich coach and stayed in his hometown to support him. backward.

Chen Di promoted the "Chicken Cage Cup" and invested in the grassroots to lead the new generation of local tennis seedlings in Keelung.

(Provided by Chen Di)

During the Wuhan Pneumonia (New Coronavirus Disease, COVID-19) epidemic, although he was unable to lead players to compete in international competitions, Chen Di, who couldn't relax, turned his brains and extended his strength to the grassroots, calling on local elders to promote the "chicken coop cup" and thread the needle Acting as an important promoter, "Keelung has not held tennis games or activities for more than ten years. With the joint assistance of my sister Chen Yi, Zhang Zhihao and other city councilors, we have won funds to renovate the three dilapidated tennis courts, and connect fellow fans together."

Keelung City Councilor Chen Yi (right) and Democratic Progressive Party Keelung mayor candidate Cai Shiji (left) went to the National Highway Passenger Station last year to issue a publicity statement.

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In the past two years, in addition to the 6 "Chicken Coop Cup" Evergreen Friendship Games that have become more and more lively, Chen Di, who is very popular, has also been supported by tennis friends such as Li Menghua and Lin Ziyang. The attitude has won recognition from all walks of life, and with the support of the Keelung City Education Office, two youth summer camps and three youth competitions have been completed, and associations have been established in four elementary schools. The city government and the central government have also decided to jointly plan three indoor tennis courts as a Chen Di was greatly encouraged by the Keelung Youth Grassroots Training Station: "This is really a timely help. Everyone's joint efforts are starting to pay off."

There are three members of Chen Di's family.

(Provided by Chen Di)

Chen Yi was re-elected as a member of the political arena and was affirmed

Chen Yi, who was once known as the "beautiful baby" of Taiwan women's tennis, has won 18 ITF women's doubles championships in her career. The rich experience of expeditions to more than 30 countries in the world has broadened her mind and vision, prompting her to start the "soul of a politician" as the mouthpiece of the people. ", and use different heights and wrists to drive the development of hometown sports.

Inspired by the mother's spirit of running for the people, Chen Yi resolutely participated in the Keelung Citizens' Representative Election eight years ago. Although she failed to run for the first time in the election, it inspired her to be competitive. She even gave up her stable job in a public bank and made a comeback. Members of the national team, with "sports, health, and welfare" as the main axis of the political philosophy, has become a clear stream in the hall of parliament.

Four years later, she was recognized by the voters. In addition to continuing to cultivate the local area, Chen Yi, as a mother, also pays great attention to parent-child relationships, and deeply understands the importance of the movement's down-rooting. "We must find ways to retain talents and bring more The young and energetic new atmosphere will make Keelung an international and healthy modern city.”

Chen Yi, who fought for the refurbishment of hardware equipment for the Keelung Civic Activity Center and turned the local sports gradually, thanked the folks for their votes for their support, allowing her to be re-elected and continue to serve, and promised to make Xinyi District "the most complete sports venue" and "elders" A high-quality living area with the most diverse activities", "the most complete facilities for women and children", and "the most attentive support for the disadvantaged".

Brothers and sisters of the Chen family come back to co-produce and fight again in the National Games

In the last New Taipei City National Games tennis event, brothers and sisters Chen Di and Chen Yi returned to the arena. The former won the seventh place in the men's singles, while the latter took the women's team and ranked fifth in the women's singles. The two young men are still in the mixed doubles. 7th, despite not getting a medal, the best partner who has boosted the morale of the Keelung team said: "The victory is second, we set an example, and let the young players know that if you play hard, you will have a chance."

The 39-year-old Chen Di is already the oldest tennis player in the National Games. "I'm getting old, and I'm really not that handy on the spot." But with his body and physical fitness in excellent shape, he also emphasized that the sense of mission to fight for his hometown, It has not changed since I was young. "As a coach, you should bravely step out of your comfort zone. I used to fight with my sister from the age of 7, and now she is willing to end as a mother. Everyone admires her courage."

As the first veteran congressman to compete in the National Games, Chen Yi laughed at herself: "Many people thought I was the kick-off guest." But she enjoyed it again after picking up the racket. Even this year's National Games The club also intends to make persistent efforts to improve the competitiveness of the team with the method of "the hen leads the chicks". "Fortunately, I don't forget about sports when I am in politics. At least my physical fitness is not inferior to that of young people, and I have not become a "pig teammate."

Marriage between Taiwan and Thailand Chen Di incarnates as a spoiled wife devil

Chen Di, who has already married and established a business, revealed that in 2012 he played in the ATP Challenge in Singapore. Through a friend, he introduced Yuzhi’s current wife Wang Shumei, and clarified: “She is Chinese-Thai, and she likes to play tennis, but she doesn’t know who I am, so Not a fan!"

Thousands of miles of marriage lead by a thread, two people with the same interests and values, relying on the Internet and telephone to maintain a long-distance relationship, and the long-distance love ran for 7 years to tie the knot.

Talking about marriage in a foreign country, Chen Di expressed his love for his wife, emphasizing that the cultural differences between Taiwan and Thailand are not big, and they know and cherish each other, and accompanied and supported me to overcome many difficulties along the way. , restaurants; now I come to Taiwan alone to look after my husband and teach my children, so that I don’t have to worry about the future and give me more optimism and positive energy, which is not easy.”

Recalling Wang Shumei’s entry and delivery in 2019, Chen Di thanked Taiwan and Thailand’s diplomatic agencies for their great help, as well as the professional care of hospital personnel such as National Taiwan University and Ren’ai, so that the baby son Chen Jun was born smoothly, and the family of three lived happily. “Taiwan My wife was very moved by the medical environment and human kindness, and cherished everything I have.”

The parents of super crazy sports genes are folk masters

Coming from the rainy and densely populated Keelung, Chen Di's family are all folk masters, especially the super crazy sports genes of the parents, which have made the brother and sister have a good career.

Chen Mingcai, the retired father of Chen, played handball in college and became a teacher at the local Dongxin Elementary School. By chance, he was introduced to tennis, which also made Chen Di, a first-year elementary school student, embark on a career path. Unexpectedly, my younger sister was also interested in playing along, and even the entire school team became stronger and became a national powerhouse at that time.”

As for Chen's mother, Cai Liyue, she is a famous long-distance runner who has set a national record in the women's marathon. Affected, she went into politics and became a mother and daughter in the political arena. Chen Ma shared her experience: "When I first became a district chief, the people also had doubts about my ability. I could only show my sportsmanship. I focused on it for a long time, and naturally won support for doing things well. I believe that Chen Yi's resilience and teamwork ability will not disappoint voters' expectations."