Zhang Keqi/Bai Liwei missed the top 8.

(File photo, European News Agency)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Taiwanese men’s doubles team Zhang Keqi/Bai Liwei was defeated by the landlord’s top seed Fajar Alfian/ Muhammad Rian Ardianto reversed and missed the top 8.

Zhang Keqi/Bai Liwei, who are ranked 45th in the world, are now challenging the world No. 21:13 Grab the advantage of drawing cards.

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However, the Indonesian team deserves to be the number one in the world. They fought back in the second game when there was no way to retreat. They only allowed Taiwan to score 9 points in the men's doubles, and brought the game back to its original point.

Entering the decisive round, the two sides saw each other in the first half. The Taiwan team once took an 8:6 lead, but was pulled by the opponent to a 5:0 offensive. Ruined the victory and missed the top 8.

Indonesian top seeds Alfran/Alianto.

(File photo, AFP)

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