[Reporter Wu Mengru/Comprehensive Report] The Serbian star Novak Djokovic tied Russia's fifth seed Andrey Rublev 6:1, 6:2, 6:4 at the Australian Open today, marking his career first Breaking into the top 4 men's singles 10 times, and at the same time tying the longest 26-game winning streak in the history of the game, only 2 wins away from the 10th Australian Open championship in his career and the 22nd Grand Slam Gold Cup.

Djokovic has won 25 wins at the Australian Open twice in his career. The previous time was from the first round in 2011 to the top 8 in 2014. The most recent time was from the first round in 2019 to the top 8 this year. Tied with American legend Andre Agassi's 26-game winning streak from 2000 to 2004.

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Although Qiao Shuai had doubts about his left thigh injury during the game, he also bandaged up against Lublev today, but his performance was not affected. He moved fast, returned the ball with a sharp angle, and swept 5 Aisi balls in the first set. He broke serve 2 degrees and scored a point 6:1 first.

Djokovic also broke serve 2 times in the second set and won another victory with 6:2. Qiao Shuai, who had the advantage of drawing cards, continued to show his strength in the third set. He took the lead in breaking the opponent's serve at the beginning and scored 5 :4 lead, and firmly held the final winning serve, winning 6:4.

Djokovic has made it to the top four in the past nine times and won the championship as he wished, and he will also seek to do the same this year, and his opponent will be the American player Tommy Paul.


(European News Agency)

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