Otani Shohei and Wang Zhenzhi.

(taken from Yahoo Japan)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The 5th World Baseball Classic will be held in March. The Japanese team is led by Shohei Otani and Shuyu Darvish, forming the so-called strongest samurai team in history. Wang Zhenzhi also came forward for an interview, expressing his expectations for the current Japanese team.

Wang Sadaharu once led the Japanese team to win the championship as a supervisor in the first classic in 2006. According to the "Full-Count" report, when he was asked about his expectations for Shohei Otani today, he said: "If he comes to shoot normally, he will strike out. Rushan, if you are a hitter, you will hit consecutive home runs, which is what I expect.", "There has never been such a player in Japan, and even in the United States, it only happens once in 100 years. I really want to see it. "

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He also said that he gave advice to players such as Ichiro Suzuki during the first classic: "I told the players that 'American players are no big deal' and 'Even if there are really strong players, most of them are as good as the players. You are no different'." Let the Japanese player's fear of the major league players be swept away.

Wang Zhenzhi also believes that this year Japan has Otani and Darby Xiu to assist in boxing. The overall strength of the Japanese team is not much different from that of major league players. I hope that the Japanese team will play a wonderful game.

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