Xu Wenqi University is studying in the Department of Industrial Engineering Management of Jiaotong University.

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Reporter Nian Xiaoyun / special report

Xu Wenqi studied at the Department of Industrial Engineering Management of Jiaotong University, and is currently a graduate student at the Institute of Finance and Economics of Jiaotong University. However, at this stage, she is focusing on competitions and temporarily suspending her studies.

Going around and returning to the court, she thanked herself for her choice. Although she started late in the international arena, her fulfilling university life has enriched her life experience. She also encourages athletes to develop a second specialty, so that they can have more opportunities after leaving the arena. multiple choice.

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Like most athletes, Xu Wenqiguo and high school students were in physical education classes. At that time, everyone spent time on training and it was difficult to take care of their studies. "This is a pity. Many athletes in Taiwan are very smart. As long as they spend more time on their studies, they can Can have good grades.”

Belgian Tan Lianni is a dentist

After communicating with foreign players, Hsu Min-chi thinks that the model of the United States and Europe may be worthy of reference in Taiwan. Even athletes live a normal college life. She majored in nutrition at Berkeley, and Lianne Tan from Belgium is a dentist."

Don't regret starting late in college

Xu Wenqi does not regret choosing to go to college first. Although she started later than others, she does not have to spend all day on the court and has a complete college life. "Some team friends will be very envious because they have no chance to experience these lives. During this time I Also because I practice less, I have more time to think about how to play.”

However, as she grows older, Xu Minqi may have to face the test of declining physical fitness. "After discussing this part with the physical trainer, I will adjust the class schedule and try my best to achieve 150 points to avoid affecting the performance on the field."

Badminton is popular in Taiwan, and more and more schoolchildren want to become professional players. Xu Wenqi encourages everyone not to be afraid of hardships, "It takes a lot of hard work to choose sports, but if you can, also set aside some time to learn other specialties. The road will be wider."

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