Taiwan Women's Football.

(Information photo, provided by East Asia official)

[Reporter Nian Miaoyun/Comprehensive Report] The Taiwan women's football team will play an international friendly match with the Thai team today to prepare for the intercontinental play-off next month.

The Taiwan team's defense was broken by Thailand in this battle. Saowalak Pengngam scored twice from the middle, and finally swallowed the defeat 0:2.

The Taiwan women's football team will participate in the intercontinental play-offs in February this year to compete for World Cup qualifications. In the play-offs, a total of 10 teams will compete for 3 World Cup tickets.

The third-seeded Taiwan team is divided into Group C. They will first face Paraguay on February 19. After winning, they will meet the winners of Panama and Papua New Guinea.

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In the first half today, Saowalak Pengngam from Thailand took the lead in scoring. Although the Taiwan team had occasional offensives, they all fell short of the goal.

In the 65th minute, the Thai team's offensive resumed. Sauvale single-handedly went to the penalty area and scored two goals.

In the second half, the Taiwan team came close to the city several times. Bao Xinxuan and Su Yuxuan both had chances to shoot, but they were blocked by the Thai goalkeeper, unable to turn the tide of the game.

Although the Taiwan team failed to win the victory, they were able to use this international friendly match to review the training results and show better performance in the play-offs next month; the Taiwan team will go to New Zealand for off-site training in early February, hoping to adapt to the local area in advance climate.

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