Shen Junxi.

(Picture taken from MLB official website)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Major league international player signing day will start a new quarter every year on January 15th in the United States (Taiwan time 16th), and the signing amount of each team will also be reset.

This season's "MLB Pipeline" number one international player is only 16-year-old Venezuelan Ethan Salas, while in Asia there is 18-year-old South Korean pitcher Shen Junxi, who is considered to be the best pitcher in this year's echelon.

Shen Junxi ranks 10th in "MLB Pipeline", second only to Cuban pitcher Luis Morales (Luis Morales) at No. The best pitcher among the players.

Major league scouts currently rate him 60 on speedball, 60 on curveball, 50 on slider, 50 on changeup, 50 on ball handling and 55 overall.

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Shen Junxi, who is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 215 pounds, has a fireball with a top speed of 100 miles. The speed of the ball usually falls at 94-96 miles. His signature change ball is a "12-6" curve ball. The ball control is quite good for both species.

Despite his size, scouts think Shim has a clean swing with good athleticism.

In addition, not only is the current highest-rated curveball praised, but Shen Junxi's slider and changeup are considered to have the potential to develop into a changeup ball above the level.

Shim Joon Suk was compared to the young Park Chan Ho very early on because of his calm mind, attitude, and fireball.

And although Shen Junxi can sign a contract with a major league team now, the industry generally believes that he will wait until the international signing amount is reset before signing. However, it was previously reported that the Pirates will sign a contract with Shen Junxi, and the signing fee is about 70- Between $800,000.

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