Lai Zhuen received a sponsorship of 500,000 yuan to compete in international competitions.

(Provided by coach Luo Shance)

[Reporter Wu Mengru/Comprehensive Report] Men's boxer Lai Zhuen, who won the bronze medal in the men's 63.5 kg class in the Asian Championships last year, has been affirmed by the Xianggu Charity Foundation for his years of unremitting fighting spirit and has sponsored 500,000 yuan in training funds. Can use this year's Hangzhou Asian Games as a springboard to hit the 2024 Paris Olympics in one fell swoop.

The Hangzhou Asian Games is also the Asian Qualifying Tournament for the Paris Olympics. The top two in each weight class will qualify for the Olympics. Lai Zhuen, who is aiming to win the second Olympic ticket in his career, will naturally be the most critical international competition in 2023. The goal is to break into the gold medal match and get the Olympic seat in advance.

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However, in order to stand out in the highly competitive Asian region, long-term and high-intensity training is required, and off-site training has become the best choice. The Xianggu Charity Foundation sponsored 500,000 yuan and sponsored it at Lai Zhuen’s alma mater, Taiwan Sports University yesterday. ceremony.

The sponsorship funds will be used for off-site training in the second half of this year. Taiwan men's team coach Luo Shance said that he plans to go to Cuba for off-site training in July, and then enter the final preparation period for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

"The first choice is Cuba. Ukraine cannot be considered because of the war. Cuba is a traditional boxing powerhouse, and the training intensity is very high." Roshance mentioned that although Cuba has a history of anti-Chinese, compared with the other three countries, it is more difficult to obtain an entry permit. It is easy, but the funds are relatively high. In addition, the Sports Department has to take into account many types of competitions. It is not easy to apply for funds. Getting sponsorship from the foundation also gives a shot in the arm to prepare for the competition.

Lai Zhuen said that the top two in the Asian Games will advance to the Paris Games, so winning the Asian Games and even entering the gold medal match is the biggest goal. Luo Shance also added: "Our goal for this Asian Games is to break into the gold medal match. If it goes well, there will be a year's time Come to prepare for the Asian Games, and if you fail to do so, you will have to make the final sprint for the World Zone Qualifiers.”

In 2016, Lai Zhuen won the men's 60 kg class in the Rio Olympic World Qualification Tournament and advanced to the semi-finals. He also qualified for the Olympic men's boxing competition in Taiwan for 20 years. This time, he also looks forward to achieving good results in the Hangzhou Asian Games and further challenging the Paris Olympics. .

Lai Zhuen is currently also continuing to prepare for the national training center. On the afternoon of the Lunar New Year's Eve, the army will be suspended, and the third day of junior high school will be closed. "Because Coach Luo and I are both from Pingtung, we also made an appointment to train during the holiday. In the second half of the year Get ready for training."

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