Zeng Junyue.

(File photo, photo by reporter Liu Xinde)

[Reporter Gong Naiyu / Chiayi Report] Fubon Titans Terminator Zeng Junyue was selected for the training list of the Taiwan Team Classic. Today, he entered the bullpen and shot 30 shots on the first day of the first phase of spring training. He did not deny that the progress was about 2-3 weeks faster. The classic game ball still needs to get used to it.

Zeng Junyue, who is only 21 years old, soared 157 kilometers last year, tied with Gu Lin Ruiyang for the fastest in the country. He said that after receiving the notice, he prepared faster. Joint mobility." He used the classic ball to practice throwing, "Compared with the secondary vocational ball, it feels bigger, and the stitches are thicker, and he is still getting used to it."

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Zeng Junyue has won a total of 32 rescues in the past 2 years. He had the opportunity to play in international competitions twice, but he did not come true due to the impact of the epidemic. He said frankly that he was very eager, "If I can be selected, I really hope to play with the team to Japan. I want to see Shohei Otani, I will definitely do it against him, I feel so strong after seeing him in the game, but he is still doing a lot of basic things.”

The Taiwan team also has experienced strong pitchers such as Lotte Golden Eagles pitcher Song Jiahao. Zeng Junyue also said, "I want to ask the coaches for their opinions during the training camp. After all, they have more experience."

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