Uniform Lions Japanese defensive coach Tamaki Tomotaka.

(Photographed by reporter Gong Naiyu)

[Reporter Gong Naixuan/Tainan Report] In the past, Hiroshima had the title of the 12th Japanese professional team in terms of practice volume. Unified Lions Japanese defensive coach Tomotaka Tamaki was born in this team, and he proved that his reputation was indeed well-deserved during his player period. "It was the hardest time at that time. , Later, when I became a coach, I probably couldn’t be said to be number one, and the Hiroshima team is still a team with a lot of practice.”

From the Hiroshima team to the Unified Lions, will the amount of practice be more demanding?

Tamaki first held an open mind, "Instead of increasing the amount of training, I hope that the players can add a little more thought, thinking and catching the ball."

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Tamaki explained that instead of thinking about catching 100 balls, it is more effective to use your brain to practice catching 50 balls. Of course, in order to build physical strength, catching 200 balls may be necessary, but defensive practice is not just about catching passes. It's the key point, "This is what I tell young players every day."

When he came to Taiwan, Tamaki saw the golf course first, and it was indeed difficult to compare with Japan. "The Mazda Stadium in Hiroshima also has natural turf, which is very similar to Taiwan in this respect, but the turf grows differently. Taiwan is a little sparser. In this In this situation, the player's preparation will be very important."

Yumu observes that some Lions infielders generally have redundant movements. For example, Huang Yongchuan is one of them. At present, he will start to improve this part. Build some habits and ideas in addition to your advice.”

Yumu recently made corrections to Chen Chongting and Lin Zihao's passing. "Zihao made 11 turnovers last year. I gave some advice on passing. It seems to be more stable. Of course, everyone will not improve immediately. , but even if the players practice consciously, I will continue to remind them.”

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