Li Yang and Wang Qilin (photographed by reporter Fang Bin)

[Reporter Nian Miaoyun/Taipei Report] The Super 1000 Series Malaysia Open will start today. Taiwan’s Golden Men’s Doubles Li Yang/Wang Qilin will usher in the first match of the new season. The two will face the Japanese pair Yugo Kobayashi/Takuro Hoki in the first round. They are ranked The last game in venue one is not expected to start until after 5:30 in the evening.

Li Yang/Wang Chi-lin, who won gold medals for Taiwan at the Tokyo Olympics the year before, suffered a downturn last year. Coupled with Wang Chi-lin's injury, the two broke up briefly, and the world ranking dropped to 12th.

In the first round of this Grand Marathon, Linyang paired with the top seed and No. 4 Japanese Kobayashi Yugo/Hoki Takuro. In the past, Linyang paired them with 2 wins and 1 loss.

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Facing the arrival of the new season, Li Yang revealed that he still spent a lot of time training during the off-season, "especially working hard on defense, and the enthusiasm of the first three shots." As he grows older, he also mentioned that not I know how long I can play, so I hope to focus more on the court. During the off-season, there are not many activities.

Since the 2024 Paris Olympic points will start running in May this year, Li Yang said that the goal of the two is still to qualify for the Olympic Games, and also hope to compete for medals in the Hangzhou Asian Games and World Championships, adding new records to each other's sports career, " After all, I haven’t won a medal at the World Championships, and Qi Lin also lacks the men’s doubles medal at the Asian Games.”

Li Yang and his former partner Li Zhehui won the men's doubles bronze medal in the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games. They still lack a World Championships medal in their careers. After Li Yang and Wang Qilin co-produced, the best result in the World Championships is the top 8 in 2021 and the top 16 last year. stop.

Wang Qilin and his former partner Chen Honglin won the bronze medal in the 2018 World Championships, but he has not yet won the men's doubles medal in the Asian Games. He only won the men's team bronze medal. Participating in the Asian Games for a long time, the two also hope to have the opportunity to hit the medal.

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