Hideki Kuriyama (right) held a press conference in Tokyo today to announce the roster of the Japanese team for the Classic, and Shohei Otani also attended.

(taken from Yahoo Japan)

[Reporter Gong Naiyu/Comprehensive Report] The Samurai team held a press conference today and announced the first 12 players confirmed to participate in the competition. When asked why some players were exposed first, the supervisor Hideki Kuriyama said with a smile, "Someone said to make a poster, tell me to hurry up Let’s choose a few people first…” After finishing the speech, the audience burst into laughter.

The Japanese team announced today that Shohei Otani, Shuyu Darby, Makoto Suzuki, Yunobu Yamamoto, Sotaka Murakami, and Ryo Sasaki have been selected. As for the complete final list of 30 players, Japanese media predict that it will be announced later this month.

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The list of 12 players was promoted by the marketing department. Hideki Kuriyama said frankly that he always wanted to delay the announcement until the last moment, because no matter how he chooses, everyone is a good player, so he hopes to fully grasp the players who are in good condition. One-sided thinking will not work, and players will also need to prepare in advance.”


Shohei Otani No. 16 Angels Darvishyu No.

11 Padres Yushin

Yamamoto No. 18 Orix

Ryoshi Sasaki No. 14 Rhodes Togo Shozheng No.

12 Yomiuri Giants

No. 21 Yokohama


Takuya Kai No. 10 Softbank


No. 2 Sosuke Genda No. 3 Shugo Seibu Shimai

No. 3 Yokohama

No. 55 Sotaka Murakami Yakult


Kensuke Kondo, No. 8, Softbank

Makoto Suzuki, No. 51, Cubs

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