Naomi Osaka.

(File photo, Associated Press)

[Reporter Liang Weiming/Comprehensive Report] The 2023 Australian Open, the first of the four major tennis grand slams of the year, will be held in Melbourne Park on January 16. Players from all over the world have already gathered in the southern hemisphere in advance to actively prepare for the competition. Will the women's singles champion "Serena Williams" Naomi Osaka participate in the competition?

So far nothing is known.

The Australian Open men's and women's singles draws will be held next Thursday, entering the final countdown stage before the start of the tournament. All eyes are on the entry list. However, Naomi Osaka, who has been sealed twice in 2019 and 2021, continues to make the conference a headache. Because "Serena Williams of Japan" who is already on the women's singles entry list, if he does not appear at that time, it will definitely cause troubles to the schedule and box office, especially the host Ashleigh Barty, the Swiss star Roger Federer, and the United States. Legendary queen Serena Williams (Serena Williams) and other popular superstars have retired last year. 

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Naomi Osaka has suffered from mental health problems in recent years, and her record has continued to decline. Since Tokyo was injured and retired in September last year, she has not appeared on the court for 4 months. The current women's singles world ranking has dropped to 42.

According to "Associated Press" and other foreign media reports, in fact, the Australian Open has made good psychological preparations for the former world queen to not play, and even "some people question whether she will return to the tennis court."  

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