Jiaxi returned to the pot and Weiquan served as the coach.

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[Reporter Gong Naixuan/Taipei Report] Wei Quanlong announced today that Mike Garcia will return to his new hometown after 25 years to serve as Wei Quanlong's overall pitching coach.

The name has been translated from "Jassy" in the old Weiquan to "Caesar" in the unified lion, and now it has been changed to "Jassy" in Xinweiquan.

Jassy can be regarded as one of the strongest foreign pitchers in the history of the secondary vocational school. He played for the Uni-President Lions and Wei Quanlong in the secondary vocational school. He pitched 496 innings and soared 651 strikeouts. In the league statistics, he can rank 16th in history in terms of pitcher's win contribution (WAR) , but every 9 innings can soar 11.81 strikeouts, and the strikeout rate is as high as 32.99%.

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This year, the coaching staff of the secondary vocational school has a retro style. The Taiwan Iron and Steel Eagles recruited the famous brother Lewis from 1994-96 as the batting coach, and then hired the winning pitcher Yokota Hisashi who played for the brothers from 2003-06 as the pitching coach.

Now Weiquan is also taking the nostalgic route, and brought Jia Xi to return to secondary school after 18 years.

In terms of the position of the new foreign pitching coach, Ding Zhongwei, the team leader of Weiquan, said yesterday, "It may be more like a coordinating pitching coach, running in the first and second armies." Today Weiquan announced that Jassy will be the overall pitching coach of the Dragons.

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