Namoyang (file photo)

[Reporter Gong Naixu/Comprehensive Report] Wei Quanlong excluded 5 outfielders in the postseason last year. He originally wanted to recruit Gao Guohui to strengthen the outfield, but was intercepted by the Fubon Titans to sign back. Instead, he recruited Zeng Taorong to fill in. New The outfield combat power of the season depends on Namo Yiyang's good fortune. He has strengthened the outfield defense since autumn training to prepare for the new season.

Fubon team leader Lin Huawei pointed out yesterday that Gao Guohui has a strong willingness to stay, and he has reached a consensus with him to decide to discuss the direction of the players. He is still optimistic, and only the details are left to discuss.

Gao Guohui's slugging rate in the Tianmu Stadium last year was as high as 0.529, which attracted the attention of the Dragons. Since there will be no discount for foreign guns next year, the outfield must rely on local players for self-improvement.

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Namoiyang, who guarded first base last season, now focuses on corner field, especially left field, in autumn training.

He laughed and said that it was very fresh, running around was fun, and he felt that he could take advantage of his speed. "I devoted myself to the outfield defense and did not focus on attacking. I also told the coach that I should do more when practicing special punctuality."

Mo Yiyang's retraining schedule has also been adjusted. The enhancements include speed and explosive power. In addition to consulting the 5th outfield Golden Gloves coach "Huo Ge" Zhang Jianming, Guo Tianxin, who has won the Golden Gloves for 2 consecutive times, and rookie Ran Chenglin are also invited.

He said, "You still have to rely on your own feelings. In the past, the infielder would observe the batter's habits, and the outfielder would be bolder, predicting the direction of the bat first."