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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] After Yankees last season's outfielder Andrew Benintendi joined the White Sox for 5 years and $75 million, who will play the left field in the new season has become a major focus of the team. The New York media suggested that the team could sign back outfielder Andrew McCutchen, who had played for the Yankees.

"MLB Trade Rumor" mentioned when introducing McCutchen in the report that although his slugger firepower has declined, he had 27 home runs in the previous year, and he reduced to 17 in the last season. Mostly designated hitters last year, so he probably won't be able to play as an outfielder every day.

But McCutchen still has the batting ability to hit nearly 20 home runs in a single season. At the same time, his walk rate is higher than the league average, and he is not often struck out. The type is also very popular.

Coupled with the fact that he only needs an annual salary of about 8 million US dollars (245 million US dollars) to sign him, players at the same price as him usually have obvious shortcomings in certain abilities. Would be a good pick for a team that needs an outfielder.

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McCutchen not only won the 2013 National League MVP, but also has experience playing for the Yankees in 2018. For a team hoping to compete for the championship, he will be better than the team's previous signing Kahu ( Willie Calhoun and Billy McKinney are more reliable.

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