Zhang Yucheng.

(File photo, photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The controversy over Zhang Yucheng's refusal to play the classic game continues to rage. Baseball YouTuber and Internet celebrity "Tainan JOSH" posted a video to express his dissatisfaction today. He emphasized again that the main reason why Zhang Yucheng caused fans to be upset this time was not related to national honor It is related, but because of his status as a scheduled player, he even questioned the coaching team's interview, which gave people a feeling of wanting to open the back door, and why the Taiwan team's 35-man training list for the classic game was not announced.

As soon as the video was released, it was pushed by PTT netizens, thinking that he spoke "the voice of the fans".

Tainan JOSH believes that Zhang Yucheng won the 12-day supplementary service qualification for the Asian Championships in 2019. In exchange, he must cooperate with international competition training and competitions for the next five years. "If you think this year's spring training is really important, don't want to To play this international competition, you have to give up your supplementary service eligibility according to the regulations and go back to serve as a general soldier, and you only have 4 months of service.” In short, you can’t choose not to play the international competition and you have to keep the supplementary service eligibility, “he Currently being placed under supervision is the main reason for this controversy, if he is not placed under supervision, whether he beats or not is a personal choice, even if he simply does not want to beat him, I think it is acceptable."

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Then JOSH in Tainan questioned. From the news of the past few days, the coaching team of the classic game mentioned that "the coaching team will respect the wishes of the players", which gave him the feeling that he wanted to help open the back door. The problem with the regulations, yes, that’s right, it’s this that makes Zhang Yucheng’s early refusal to participate in the competition very problematic. He was put under supervision, and his combat power is absolutely fine. If he is not selected, then it is clearly a In Qiao, I am helping Zhang Yucheng avoid his military service."

In addition, he questioned why the roster of the Taiwan team has been kept secret this time. "It is understandable that the 50-man roster of the trade union is not announced. The 35-man roster on January 6th is the final training list. The training camp will be held on January 28th. 35 people, what difference does it make to wait 20 days longer? Why can’t it be announced first?” He believes that this will easily lead to random associations, and it will make people think that the international game is a way for people in the baseball circle to compete with each other for military service.

In the end, Tainan JOSH believes that the qualifications for supplementary service should be adjusted. "Obviously, the competition has been graded. The purpose of the competition classification is to let the strongest players play the most important games, and some less important games for young players to hone. But our current rule is that you can qualify for the supplementary service if you play in less important games such as the Asian Championships, especially after the service period will be changed back to one year. This will make everyone want to play and grab this. Qualifications are more likely to lead to human favors or room for manipulation.” He believes that the current regulations can easily become that the best players and the best games can also get discounts for military service, but they are not used in big games. It is more reasonable to give qualifications.

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