Although there are rumors that major league teams are interested in Zhang Yucheng, the US website estimates that there should only be minor league contracts.

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[Reporter Xu Zhengyang/Comprehensive Report] Zhang Yucheng declined to participate in the classic game on the grounds of preparing for spring training with all his heart, which sparked controversy. It was reported that 3 major league teams were interested in him. The "MLB Trade Rumors" website quoted news from Taiwanese media yesterday , I think it doesn't matter which teams are interested, Zhang Yucheng should get the minor league contract.

The website pointed out that although it is not known what major league teams are interested in Zhang Yucheng, given his current situation, he can probably sign a minor league contract. In case someone is injured on the team, he can provide infield depth. In any sense, increasing infield depth by offering minor league deals is something any team would do.

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Zhang Yucheng played for the Guardians, Pirates, Rays, and Red Sox 4 teams last year, and was placed on the designated transfer list three times. The Red Sox did not renew his contract after the season. The website mentioned that Zhang Yucheng only played 4 games with the Guardians He was assigned to transfer, and then his performance improved slightly. Last year, he played first, second, third base and shortstop, and he performed best at first base.

The major league official website listed the guarding free agents last year. Zhang Yucheng's WAR value (win contribution value) was 0.7, ranking 7th among the 11 second basemen. He was only 27 years old and he was the youngest. Fraser has all received major league contracts, and Peraza, ranked 8th, was signed by the Mets with a minor league contract. The remaining 8 players, including Zhang Yucheng, are still waiting for contracts.