Crazy Colombian fans stabbed the word "MESSI" across their faces.

(taken from twitter)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The legendary Argentine star Lionel Messi led his team to win the World Cup in Qatar and established his status as the current world champion. Fans all over the world fell into madness. A few days ago, a crazy fan from Colombia stabbed him in the face Dou Da's "MESSI" words, but now he regrets it.

This crazy Colombian fan has a big "MESSI" tattooed on his forehead, and three stars on his left cheek that symbolize the three World Cup champions in Argentina's history. Although eye-catching, there is almost no beauty at all. It caused heated discussions among netizens.

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The Colombian media "Observer" called out: "The worst tattoo to pay tribute to Messi?" Another Colombian media "Cromos" exclaimed: "Messi's popularity has reached the point of insanity." British media "Give Me Sport also said: "This is the most incredible tattoo."

"I was so proud of my tattoo before, but now I regret it, it has caused me thousands of negative things, both personally and as a family," the fan said.

"A lot of people told me 'you're going to regret your tattoo' and today I have to agree with everyone, I want to get rid of this tattoo, I'm sure I want to do it, I want to be normal," he said.

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