The Yankees minor league contract signed McKinney and put him in Triple-A.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The Yankees strengthened their outfield depth through two minor league contracts today. First, they signed former Dodgers big man Willie Calhoun, and then exchanged the outfielder through the Aroldis Chapman trade. Fielder Billy McKinney was signed back to the team again.

McKinney came to the Yankees in a 4-for-1 deal from the Cubs in 2016 through the Chapman trade, and was taken along with Brandon Drury after the Yankees entered the major leagues in 2018. In exchange for the Blue Jays left-hander Happ (JA Happ), McKinney was also sold to the Mets by the Brewers in 2021, and the Mets traded him to the Dodgers in the same year. He was bought by the Rangers at the end of the 2021 season. After becoming a free agent, he became a free agent again this year after playing with the Athletics.

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The Yankees signed McKinney with a minor league contract today and transferred him to 3A. The 28-year-old was named one of the top 100 rookies in 2015 by the well-known media "Baseball America" ​​and "Baseball Prospectus". League officials and "Baseball Prospectus" also evaluated him as one of the top 100 rookies. He played a total of 263 games in the major leagues and scored 201/.206/.277.

However, compared to Kahu, who hit 21 homers in a single season in the major leagues, ranked higher in the top 100 during the farm period, and was invited to the major league spring training, McKinney's chances of making it to the major leagues with the Yankees are relatively low. He also currently has no minor league delegation.

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