Yang Qinglong.

(File photo, photo by reporter Tu Jianrong)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] It was reported that Zhang Yucheng declined to participate in the classic game, which also caused dissatisfaction among domestic netizens. Yang Qinglong, secretary-general of the secondary vocational school, said today that the current head coach of the Taiwan team, Lin Yueping, has not yet approached him to discuss Zhang Yucheng’s refusal. The training list will be discussed at the meeting on January 5.

The Taiwan team will hand over the 35-man training list on January 6, which is not expected to be announced to the public. According to media reports, Zhang Yucheng contacted Lin Yueping, the head coach of the classic Taiwan team, and expressed his refusal to participate in the classic.

However, because Zhang Yucheng obtained the 12-day supplementary qualification through the 2019 Asian Championships, and is still in the 5-year management period, this rumor caused dissatisfaction among fans.

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Regarding whether Zhang Yucheng has declined to participate in the classic game, Yang Qinglong, who is in charge of training, told Central News Agency today: "I also saw news reports and discussed it with many people, saying that Zhang Yucheng's agency called the head coach, but the current head coach The coach hasn’t come to talk to me yet.” Yang Qinglong said that it is currently expected to hold a meeting on January 5 to discuss the training list registered on January 28, and this issue will also be discussed at that time.

Zhang Yucheng was not renewed by the Major League Sox at the end of last year and is currently a free agent.

Zhang Yucheng played for 4 teams in the major leagues last year. He played for the Guardians at the beginning of the season. Later, he was assigned to transfer. He successively put on the jerseys of the Buccaneers, Rays, and Red Sox. He played a total of 69 games and scored 168. Drove 35 hits, including 4 homers, batting .208.

After news of Zhang Yucheng's refusal to participate in the classic game came out last night, some domestic fans went to his IG and Facebook to ask Zhang Yucheng to come back to serve as a soldier. His nickname was even changed to "Deserter Ah Cheng" and "Second Soldier" on Wikipedia. Bing Ah Cheng", but it has now been changed back.

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