Allen and Howard photo.

(courtesy of Allen)

[Reporter Nian Miaoyun/Comprehensive Report] The Taichung Suns continued to retain the giant Aaron Geramipoor as foreign aid this season, and also recruited the Almighty Majesty (Tony Bishop). Under the helm of Filipino head coach Chris, the Apollo is gradually on track.

Since Howard joined the Clouded Leopards, the World of Warcraft has swept across Taiwan. In addition to the general public being crazy about it, even the hostile players in the battle can hardly resist the charm of World of Warcraft. For example, after the Sun Giant Allen and Howard played against each other, they not only shared the game on social platforms In addition to the highlight clip, a photo of him pulling up Warcraft was specially posted to pay tribute to the former NBA superstar, and he wrote "It's all love." It was also reposted by Howard, which aroused heated discussions.

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Allen said: "On the court, there must be competition on the court to be dedicated, but competition does not mean winning by whatever means. It is very basic manners to support the opponent and hug the opponent. But being able to play against someone of Howard's level, apart from excitement, I also hope that everyone can see the strength of the sun."

Allen, who is 213 cm tall, actually joined the Suns team in the second half of the first season. The bloody battles in the playoffs were inspiring, and the Suns didn't even consider asking him to come back and continue the front line.

But unlike his rough appearance, Allen is very gentle in private. He likes to go to unique coffee shops. Besides tasting coffee, he also likes to observe the crowd. In addition, he also likes to buy ingredients in hypermarkets and cook by himself.

When Allen first arrived in Taichung, he originally thought that Taiwanese would not dare to talk to him because of his height. Later, he found out that the people like to chat with him and take pictures with him, so he also specially shouted to the fans, everyone is welcome on the street at any time. Catch Wild Allen on.

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