France missed the World Cup consecutive hegemony.

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[Reporter Liang Weiming/Comprehensive Report] The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar has come to an end. After the French team failed to defend their title, nearly 200,000 fans have signed an online petition, demanding a replay of the championship game with Argentina, because the referee made a mistake. Made two fatal mistakes.

According to "Daily Mail" and other foreign media reports, although Argentina and France fought 3:3 in the regular game and the playoffs, the final PK battle was won by the "Blue and White Army" and won the championship in 1986. After that, he once again won the Hercules Cup with a smile, which is also the third championship in the history of the Argentine team. However, the fans of the "Gallo Rooster" were not convinced. More than 195,000 people signed a joint petition on the MesOpinions petition website, demanding that FIFA (FIFA) must replay.

The reason is that Poland's "bald referee" Szymon Marciniak (Szymon Marciniak) was cheated twice by the Argentine team, including "Angel" Di Maria (Angel Di Maria) made a foul in the penalty area, which was scored by Lionel Messi. scored the first goal, and Di Maria made the icing on the cake in the 36th minute, rewriting the score to 2:0.

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If there is no accident, this petition will be signed by more than 200,000 people and will become one of the 20 petitions with the most signatures on the MesOpinions website. A conduit for disappointment.

Argentina won the third Dali Gold Cup in team history.

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