Wang Jianmin.

(File photo, AFP)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The World Baseball Classic will return in March next year. The organizers of the major leagues will also take stock of the players produced by each country over the years, rank them according to the number of players, and select the most successful players in the country according to their WAR value. player.

Of course, the top spot is the landlord US team, which produced a total of 18,902 players, of which 277 were inducted into the Hall of Fame. The "God of Baseball" Babe Ruth's career WAR value of 183.1 is the first in history.

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2-5 are all baseball powerhouses in Central and South America, followed by Dominican Republic (No. 864), Venezuela (No. 462), Cuba (No. 383) and Puerto Rico (No. 302). Puhou has the highest WAR value respectively. Albert Pujols (101.6), Miguel Cabrera (67.7), Rafael Palmeiro (71.9), and Roberto Clemente (94.8).

Japan ranks No. 9 in Asia. There are 73 players in history. Sailor legend Ichiro Suzuki ranks first in WAR. South Korea ranks 15th at 28. Choo Shin-soo ranks first in WAR.

Taiwan and Curacao tied for 16th place, with a total of 16 major league players. Wang Jianmin made the list with a WAR value of 12.5. The official description of his past achievements: "Wang Jianmin, who is known as the master of ball rolling, was in 2006 and 2007. He won 19 wins with the Yankees for two consecutive years, and was voted second by Cy Young in 2006, and was selected as one of Time magazine's top 100 people the following year."

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