[Central News Agency] Taiwan's "Judo God" Yang Yongwei successfully defeated Georgia teenager Sadara Scheffli in the men's 60kg bronze medal match at the Jerusalem Judo Masters today. In addition to avenging his defeat in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, It also marks the end of this year's season.

The Jerusalem Judo Masters, held in Israel, is the second-highest competition on the judo circuit. Including Yang Yongwei in the men's 60kg class.

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Yang Yongwei lost in the top 4 match with the famous Japanese player Nagayama Ryuki after reaching the gold scoring system. He failed to advance to the gold medal match. He fell into the bronze medal match and met Georgia's 19-year-old Giorgi Sardalashvili.

Sadara Xue Fuli was the gold medalist of last year's World Youth Judo Championships, and this year's World Youth Championship also won the silver medal. He and Yang Yongwei only met in the gold medal match at the Abu Dhabi Judo Grand Slam in October. Failed to reverse the situation before the end of the game time, only won the silver medal.

The two met again today, and the battle was still fierce. The two sides were still indistinguishable in the golden scoring system. In the end, Sadara Xue Fuli was judged disqualified because he swallowed 3 guidances. International Bronze Medal.

This year's season has been a bumper harvest for Yang Yongwei. Including the Jerusalem Masters, he has won a championship, 2 silver medals and 3 bronze medals. In addition, he has also successfully won the Taiwan Sports Elite Award for the best of the year. best male athlete.

As for the "Queen of Judo", Lian Zhenling lost to the French player Sarah-Leonie Cysique in the women's 57kg class semi-finals today. In the bronze medal match, she lost to her teammate Yoshida who also played for Japan's Komatsu Club judo team. Division, let her regret and miss the medal.

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