France reached the final.

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[Reporter Wu Mengru/Comprehensive Report] French defender T. Hernandez (Theo Hernandez) scored in the 5th minute of the start of the top four, helping the team take the lead, defeating Morocco 2-0 at the end and advancing to the 2022 World Cup In the championship game, it is worth mentioning that France has scored goals in the top 4 matches in the past 3 times. Except for 2006, the defenders made contributions in 2 times, and they were able to win the championship in the end.

In the 1998 semi-finals, France relied on defender Lilian Thuram to score two goals, and finally defeated Croatia 2:1, and defeated Brazil 3:0 in the final, winning the first championship in team history.

The top four in 2018 also relied on defenders to come forward. Udidi (Samuel Umtiti)'s winning head hammer led the team to eliminate Belgium 1:0. France won the championship 4:2 against Croatia and won the second championship. T. Hernandez stepped forward, and the result of the championship game is also intriguing.

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In 2006, relying on the goal of midfielder Zinedine Zidane, France defeated Portugal 1-0 and entered the final, but finally lost to Italy 3-5 in the PK battle, and missed the championship.

Expanded from 1998 to 32 teams, France has reached the semi-finals 4 times in 7 tournaments so far, becoming the most among all teams, and they are also the first team since Brazil to reach the finals twice in a row. The first consecutive championship team will face Argentina in Sunday's final.

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