After the game, the Moroccan team knelt down to pay tribute to the fans who came from afar to cheer.


[Reporter Nian Miaoyun/Comprehensive Report] Morocco from North Africa made it through this year's World Cup and became the first African team in history to break into the top four. The process is inspiring.

Even if they lost to France in the semi-finals yesterday, they still have a chance to compete for the third place and continue to make new achievements.

Morocco advanced to the knockout stage this year as the No. 1 in the group stage. It defeated Spain and Portugal and entered the semi-finals, becoming the biggest dark horse.

Morocco tried to change their style of play to challenge France in the semi-finals. The ball possession rate was 55% better than the opponent's 34%. There were 13 shots and 1 shot on target. France had 14 shots and 2 shots on target, but the difference between the two Shots are goals.

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Morocco's performance is not bad on the books, but they still can't cross the high wall of France. The head coach Regeraji praised the soldiers, "We caused them trouble, which is a great achievement." He also admitted that it is impossible to rely solely on If you are lucky enough to win the World Cup, you have to continue to work hard.

Morocco will compete with Croatia for the third place. The two teams met in the group stage this year, and the battle was tied 0-0.

However, with the accumulation of injuries and injuries after days of fighting, Regraji mentioned that the current health status of the players is only about 60%-70%, but they will not give up, hoping to make the Moroccan people proud of them.

The miracle in North Africa could not be continued. After the game, the entire Moroccan team knelt down to salute the fans who came from afar. This scene touched many people.

French President Emmanuel Macron personally flew to Qatar to cheer for the national team, and he did not forget to praise Morocco's performance, writing on Twitter, "Congratulations on this wonderful journey, you have been creating football history."