After the game, Sun Xingmin knelt on the field and wept, and the Portuguese players stepped forward to comfort him.

(taken from Hanwang)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Qatar World Cup, South Korea withstood the pressure to win the night before last. Asian football champion Sun Xingmin scored three goals in stoppage time in the second half. He gave teammate Hwang Hee-chan a divine assist and led the team to 2:1 Dramatically defeated the strong opponent Portugal and won the top 16 tickets for the first time in 12 years. After the game, Sun Xingmin wept on the field with relief. A move of the Portuguese player made the fans praise: "Super warm!"

Sun Xingmin, who is highly anticipated by the South Korean people, played this year with an injury, but his performance in the first two games of the group stage was not as good as expected. It was not until this goal that he finally released the pressure, took off the protective mask on his face, knelt on one knee, and rested his head on the Weeping on the pitch.

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At this time, a player approached Sun Xingmin to cheer him up, but it was not a South Korean player, but Portuguese player Bernardo Silva (Bernardo Silva) who played for Manchester City in the Premier League.

South Korean media pointed out that even though Silva lost the game, he still approached Sun Xingmin, congratulated him on his victory, touched Sun Xingmin's head to comfort him, then reached out to shake Sun Xingmin's hand and gave him a thumbs up.

Even though Portugal and South Korea had clashed in the World Cup in the past, this game was portrayed as Portugal's revenge for the 2002 World Cup, but Silva's move after the game also made fans praise him. With ball skills and sportsmanship, "beautiful picture".

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