The US team was eliminated.

(European News Agency)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Qatar World Cup, the Netherlands defeated the United States 3:1 in the knockout round of 16 yesterday, and took the lead to get the first ticket to the quarterfinals. They took a 2:0 lead in the first half of this campaign, but the United States once After catching up to 1 goal, it was only defender Denzel Dumfries who performed eye-catchingly. He volleyed with his left foot and scored the decisive third goal, which was reported by major foreign media.


(European News Agency)

Dumfries also assisted in the first and second goals of the first half, and although he was a defender, he played a leading role in all three goals.

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The Qatari media "BeIN Sports" said, "Dumfries became the star of the Netherlands and KO'd the US team! The third goal killed the hope of the US comeback."

The British "Daily Mail" said: "After Haji Wright's goal gave the United States a glimmer of hope, Dumfries broke the heart of the United States in the last 16 battle." The team deserved to win. The defense was strong and the performance was key, but they are still a long way from winning their first World Cup."

The Netherlands will next face Argentina in the quarter-finals at 3:00 a.m. Taiwan time on the 10th.

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