World Football" Cao Guicheng's IG fans approached 2 million, which made the American media curious about the phone ringing in the middle of the night and receiving marriage proposal messages

Cao Guicheng.


[Reporter Wu Mengru/Comprehensive Report] South Korean striker Cao Kyu-sung became popular in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The number of Instagram followers of this "handsome No. 9 player" has soared to 1.92 million, and his mobile phone keeps ringing every night Stop, making it difficult for him to fall asleep, and some fans sent messages to propose to him.

Cao Guicheng played as a substitute against Uruguay in the first game of the group stage. His handsome appearance has attracted much attention. The outside world has also sparked discussions about who "this No. 9 player" is. In addition, he scored two goals in the battle against Ghana. From the original 20,000 The number of fans, until the end of this group stage, has accumulated 1.92 million fans, breaking through the 2 million mark is just around the corner.

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After the popularity soared, every move of Cao Guicheng attracted attention. A South Korean reporter just played a short video of Cao Guicheng sitting on the bench before the game. He hardly did anything, and the length was only 7 seconds. So far, the number of views has exceeded 7.68 million times.

Cao Guicheng's high popularity has also attracted the attention of foreign media. "The Athletic" also specifically asked South Korean reporters. Seo Jung-hwan admitted frankly that he himself could not understand what happened, but he said that Cao Guicheng needs to take a good rest now because his The phone keeps ringing all day long, keeping him from getting a good night's sleep, and he tries to focus on football, but the messages keep flooding him.

In addition to showing his skills on the field and getting the attention of foreign teams, foreign media believe that Cao Guicheng’s attractiveness will bring him additional commercial value, and some media even joked in the article, “Maybe you can also give his account a blue Tick."

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