Uruguayan striker Suarez wipes his face from tears.

(European News Agency)

[Reporter Wu Mengru/Comprehensive Report] As South Korea scored an advanced goal in stoppage time, the situation of the group promotion was reversed at the last moment. It was not enough for Uruguay to lead Ghana 2:0. Seeing that there was nothing he could do, Suarez, the leading striker who came off the field, kept covering his face with his jersey and wiping his tears. Even though Uruguay won in the end, they were still excluded from the top 16.

Participating in 4 World Cups spanning 12 years, the 35-year-old Suarez is undoubtedly the soul of Uruguay. It opened twice, but God failed to favor the sky blue team, and it also made Suarez, who might be the last dance, leave the field with regret.

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Uruguay beat Ghana to miss round of 16

After South Korea reversed Portugal 2:1, Uruguay, who had been confident, had no advantage. Suarez’s face changed drastically. He appeared anxious on the big screen many times, and even kept wiping away tears. After the game, he expressed his dissatisfaction , pointing out that his teammates were fouled but did not get a free throw, and missed the opportunity to make a comeback by goal difference, criticizing FIFA for always targeting Uruguay.

Missed penalty 4 shots at the veteran

The biggest penalty controversy occurred in stoppage time. Cavani was tripped after being entangled by the opponent in the penalty area, but the referee turned a blind eye and had no intention of using VAR inspection. The Uruguayan players were furious and surrounded the German referee Hibbert after the game. In theory, when Cavani left the field, he punched the VAR system even more angrily.

It seems to be a fateful connection. Uruguay defeated Ghana in the quarter-finals 12 years ago and created the best fourth place in team history since the 21st century. The Battle of Ghana ends.