[Reporter Gong Naiyu/Taipei Report] The Uni-President Lions saved the last season's team's defense rate and locked Tomotaka Tamaki as the defensive coach. He taught in Hiroshima for 12 seasons. The coach who is best at playing ノック (Knock, defensive practice) in the Japanese football world is expected to inject new life into the Lions' defense.

Tomotaka Tamaki joined Hiroshima in 1993 as a guerrilla player. He has played 6 seasons and played 120 games in the first army. After taking office as a coach, he participated in the golden period of Hiroshima Central League's 3 consecutive hegemony in 2016-18. Contributed to his identity and cultivated Hirosuke Tanaka, helping him win his first guerrilla gold glove in 2018.

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Uniform lion.

(File photo, photo by reporter Chen Zhiqu)

Improving the level of defense starts with practice. Tomotaka Tamaki is a big sign for the fielders to practice the skills of hitting the infield and the field. He once appeared in the well-known NHK program "Kiujien" in 2020, explaining the essence of defensive practice. At that time, the program Introduce him as "the coach who is best at playing defensive practice ball in Japan".

Just like the players' batting practice, Tamaki Tomotaka will practice rolling the ball with the coach stick alone, and has his own training menu.

He once said that he hopes to be able to practice to be considered the most powerful, and he often thinks about what kind of ball to play to improve the player's defense. Batting, probably practiced more than when I was a player.”

Tomotaka Tamaki has a variety of skills in fielding practice balls, including wrist use, throwing methods, hitting surface selection, etc., simulating various hitting qualities such as high spin balls, right-handed ground balls, etc., making fielding practice closer to actual combat.

There are many videos of him playing defensive practice on YouTube, and many Japanese fans have praised his artistic sense. In the new season, Taiwanese fans have the opportunity to see "the number one ノック in Japanese football."

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