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Match time 12/05 03:00 [B1vsA2 round of 16] England vs Senegal

England and Senegal, two strong teams in Europe and Africa, have no record of fighting against each other in history, but several main players in Senegal's team are forward Ismaila Sarr, midfielder Idrissa Gueye ), defender Koulibaly (Kalidou Koulibaly), goalkeeper E. Mendy (Edouard Mendy) and others all play for Premier League clubs, and there should be no strangeness between the two sides.

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England went smoothly in the group stage, scoring 9 goals in the group stage, and several offensive players in the team were Harry Kane, Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford, Mason Mount, Phil Foden, etc. have performed, but the United States was drawn 0:0, and the countermeasures in the face of high-pressure pressing tactics are more worrying.

Senegal had 2 wins and 1 loss in the group stage, only losing to the Netherlands, but when they faced the Orange Corps, they took 15 shots, but the quality and control were not good, and they were not good for the organized European powers.

They are proactive in offense and defense, but rely heavily on personal ability. This kind of wild style of play that is willing to fight and grab may be good or bad against the steady Three Lions. If it is good, it will damage England's midfield organization; It was pierced by the opponent's powerful attack.

Facing this battle, England coach Southgate (Gareth Southgate) should still maintain the original 4-3-3 formation and act conservatively.

Since the stars of the Three Lions have long been accustomed to the high intensity and fast pace of the Premier League, it is difficult for the West African Lions to gain an advantage with their personal ability and poor defensive organization. Coupled with England's recent performance and experience in major competitions, we are optimistic about the Three Lions. Lions can steadily win by small points.

(Special author: Zheng Xianmeng)



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