Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo's head hammer action against Uruguay was determined by FIFA to have not touched the ball at the moment, so the goal belonged to B. Fernandez who passed the ball.


[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Portugal defeated Uruguay 2-0 in the second match of the group stage early this morning, relying on midfielder B. Fernandes (Bruno Fernandes) scored twice, and won the top 16 knockout round ahead of schedule tickets.

However, the first goal in the 54th minute of the game was once judged to be scored by Cristiano Ronaldo who made a head hammer, but the official later corrected it to B. Fernandez scored, and even extended "" The term "Hair of God".

However, both FIFA and ESPN, the designated ball supplier of the tournament, confirmed that the sensor inside the ball showed that the "pass" kicked by B. Fernandez did not touch the ball. Touched other people (including Ronaldo), so the ball was indeed scored by the former.

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"According to the inertial measurement unit (IMU) data in the game ball, the ball kicked by B. Fernandez was not hit by an external force with a "heartbeat", so it can be known that Ronaldo did not touch the ball at the moment. Touched the ball," FIFA said in a statement.

The officially designated ball used in this FIFA World Cup in Qatar can not only return relevant data to law enforcement referees in a timely manner, but also hopes to improve the decision-making quality and efficiency of VAR with the help of technology.

After this "technological law enforcement" judgment was changed, Ronaldo wanted to tie the record for the most goals scored in the history of the Portuguese team, so he had to wait for the next game against South Korea at the earliest.

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