Spain training.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Japan will usher in the final match of the group stage at 3:00 am on December 2, Taiwan time. It will face the strong enemy Spain and strive for tickets to the round of 16. In this crucial battle, the Japanese media must be the "best" The 12th person", ran to interview the Spanish team to spy on the enemy.

After playing 2 games, Japan scored 1 win and 1 loss, holding 3 points and temporarily ranking second in Group E. As long as they win against Spain, they can receive tickets for the top 16. If they lose, they will be eliminated. If they play against Spain, It will depend on the situation of Costa Rica and Germany.

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Since the battle against Spain is a fateful battle that will determine whether they can advance to the top 16, a large number of Japanese media rushed to spy on the enemy. The Spanish "Marca" revealed that during the training of the Spanish team today, Japanese media flocked to the top 16, and more than 50 people Japanese journalists came to interview and called it a "big attack by Japanese journalists".

"Marca" also exposed the live video on Twitter, and was frightened by the battle of Japanese reporters, "There are so many Japanese reporters gathered, it is unbelievable."


Increíble afluencia de prensa japonesa! Gran expectación por el próximo partido ante España el próximo jueves Qatar2022

Te lo cuenta @Estepa_MARCA

— MARCA (@marca) November 29, 2022

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