There is no "God's Hair" in World Football?

Cristiano Ronaldo's goal confiscated

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[Reporter Wu Mengru/Comprehensive Report] C. Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) almost scored his 9th goal in the World Cup, but he did not touch the ball with his head in the first half. It was B. Fernandez (Bruno Fernandes) who directly broke the net with a long shot. Whether Ronaldo can count on his hair hitting the ball has become a hotly discussed "unsolved case".

At that time, B. Fernandez made a pass from outside the penalty area. Ronaldo jumped up and headed the ball in front of the goal. After scoring the goal, Ronaldo also celebrated happily. It was only later that it was officially announced that B. Fernandez scored the goal. was also "confiscated".

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One faction claimed that Ronaldo scored a goal and called it "God of hair", but former Liverpool midfielder Joe Cole said on the "ITV" program: "He reacted like he Touched the ball, but I haven't seen any footage to prove it, and I don't see where he seems to have touched." Liverpool legend Graeme Souness believes that only Ronaldo knows if there is a touch. I realized that he was still sour. If Ronaldo had such a happy reaction when he didn't touch the ball, then he should be acting very well.

But regardless of whether Ronaldo scored or not, Portugal defeated Uruguay 2-0 and advanced to the top 16 with 2 consecutive victories. The last game will be against South Korea.

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