C. Ronaldo.


[Reporter Wu Mengru/Comprehensive Report] C. Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) had a chance to be the first player to score the goal in the battle between Portugal and Uruguay, but then this goal was recorded by B. Fernandez (Bruno Fernandes) Whether or not Ronaldo's heading action touched the ball has become an "unsolved case" that the outside world wants to solve. Some foreign media kept asking the players of the Portuguese team, and the answer they got was that the team won.

B. Fernandez kicked from the outside in the 54th minute and sent it to Ronaldo in front of the penalty area. Ronaldo made a header and the ball successfully broke through the net. He also celebrated excitedly, but it was checked after replay Later, the sentence was changed to B. Fernandez.

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It is difficult to see the clue directly from the picture, so "The Athletic" reporter Felipe Cardenas kept asking the Portuguese players after the game. B. Fernandez said, "I don't care who scores the goal. I also think it is right now. Cristiano Ronaldo met, I also want to give him the ball, and the most important thing is that we win."

Then he asked William Carvalho, he said: "My intuition is that this should be counted on Ronaldo, but the important thing is the victory, whether it is Fernandez or Ronaldo, it is not bad. We played a good game. It should be the same after the game." Cardinas also asked the Portuguese goalkeeper Costa (Diogo Costa), wondering if he thought it was Ronaldo who scored the goal, but he just smiled, then shook his head and said nothing. Leave the interview space.

Cardinas asked RĂºben Neves again. Neves revealed that he had asked Ronaldo in the lounge, but Ronaldo said he did not know. As for the Portuguese coach Fernando Santos and the previously interviewed Players hold the same view, it doesn't matter who scores the goal, because Portugal defeated Uruguay 2-0 and advanced to the round of 16 with a 2-game winning streak.

There is a saying that Ronaldo may have hit the ball with his hair, but it is difficult to judge, and eventually missed the most goals in the World Cup, tying team history, and his current World Cup goals in his career are stopped at 8, second only to Eusebio (Eusebio) 9 capsules.

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