[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The Warriors defeated the Timberwolves 137:114 yesterday, winning 3 consecutive victories, but forward Draymond Green was called for a technical foul because of excessive celebration on the bench.

This is the seventh time he has been called a technical foul this season, and if a player reaches 16 times, he will be suspended.

Green has something to say about this.

Green said after the game: "This is crazy. I have accumulated four technical fouls. This is a basketball game. They said I came in, but I was in the corner at the other end of the court and didn't affect anyone. When It's normal for a team-mate to celebrate after a good goal. It's just terrible, it's ridiculous, but he blows it all up, so let it be."

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In addition, less than a minute after Green was called for a technical foul, Stephen Curry also got a technical foul for celebrating.

Speaking of Curry's support for him, Green said: "I am definitely grateful, 100% grateful."

Curry also posted on Twitter after the game, PO showing a picture of himself and Green celebrating: "I will pay the fine! Great victory for the Warriors Nation!"

Hah. Steph Curry gets a tech in solidarity with Draymond Green.

— Shayna Rubin (@ShaynaRubin) November 27, 2022

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