The Warriors plan to keep Weisman in the development league to gain experience.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Warriors potential second-year student James Wiseman (James Wiseman) did not perform as expected this season. In mid-November, the team sent him to the Santa Cruz Warriors of the Development League. Half a month later, there is still no timetable for when Weissman will return to the team, because the team and head coach Kerr (Steve Kerr) hope that Weissman will have more opportunities to play, so he may have to wait in the development league. for a while.

The Warriors announced on November 14, U.S. time, that Weissman would be transferred to the Development League. He has played 5 games so far, with an average playing time of 26 minutes and 15 points and 9.6 rebounds.

Head coach Kerr watched the Santa Cruz Warriors' game against the Kings Development League team a few days ago. He said that it was a great experience for young players. What Weissman and some young players need at the moment is a chance to play, so the team just Will let them hone in the development league.

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When the Warriors released Weisman, there was news that it was expected to be released for at least 10 days. Now "NBC SPORTS" reported that the Warriors plan to let him stay for a while.

Head coach Cole believes that Weissman still has a lot of tasks to complete in the development league, such as understanding the rotation, the tasks to be performed in the game, and so on. In addition, he also needs to know how to win. It is the most difficult part, because it is something outside of the game plan. It is necessary to understand the strengths of teammates, how to make the five players play the best effect, etc.

"It's an important process (playing in the D-League) when your guys don't have a lot of experience," Kerr said.

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