The former striker of the Ukrainian national football team, Roman Zozulya, said that FIFA representatives took the flag of the legendary Azov regiment from the fans during the

2022 World Cup

match .

He wrote about it on his Facebook page.

It is noted that the shameful situation happened during the match between Germany and Spain.

The flag was brought by the fans of the Spanish national team.

"The whole world enthusiastically watched the titanic confrontation of our defenders of Mariupol. The whole world sees who is a terrorist country and whose military is the occupiers, criminals, terrorists, sadists and prisoners. But in the zombified FIFA, they don't see or hear anything," he said indignantly. Cuckoo.

He called on the UAF and the Ministry of Youth Sports to respond to this situation.

"I hope that the UAF and the Ministry of Youth and Sports will also react to such shameful behavior of FIFA representatives, and those single-celled organisms that forbade raising our flag in the stands will apologize and eventually study the history of the issue not behind the Kremlin dungeons," the football player wrote.

We remind you that this is not the first scandal at the 2022 World Cup.

The midfielder of the Cameroon national team, Gael Ondua 

, went to the 2022 World Cup match with the Russian flag on his boots


Later, he shamefully


for his act.

In response, FIFA press secretary Giovanni Marti said that no sanctions

will be applied

to the Cameroonian .

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