The Ukrainian national


team won the first medal of the 2022 World Junior Championship, which began in Montreal, Canada. 

The best result in jumping from a three-meter springboard among men was shown by 15-year-old Ukrainian Kyrylo Bolyukh.

Bolyukh's best jump was the very first one, for which he earned 67.5 points with a difficulty of 3.0.

After the second, the Ukrainian broke into the leaders and remained on the first step until the end of the competition.

In the last attempt, he earned 64.6 points (difficulty – 3.4).

As a result, Kyrylo scored 439.25 points and for the first time in his career climbed to the podium of the junior championship.

Another Ukrainian, Kyrylo Azarov, stopped one step away from the medals.

Azarov was in seventh place throughout almost the entire final, but thanks to the last jump of 63 points (difficulty – 3.0), he broke out into fourth place with a gap of 5.7 points from the "bronze".

We will remind you that the national fin swimming team of Ukraine

became the winner

of the overall team competition of the 2022 World Cup, which took place in Poznan, Poland.

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