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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] In the Qatar World Cup hot match, in addition to the attention of the players on the field, the legendary stars of the off-field match are also one of the focuses. Previously, David Beckham (David Beckham) was caught watching the game in person. The British "Daily Mail" also exclusively reported his hotel.

The report pointed out that Beckham stayed at the five-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Doha. Dining area, receptionist, alfresco courtyard, swimming pool and gym.

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During Beckham's stay, he also hired a private chef to prepare meals and enjoyed Japanese Kobe steak, pasta and other delicacies.

However, sources revealed that after staying for about a week, Beckham had already checked out at the weekend, because his place of accommodation had been circulated and known to fans.

The source said: "All the staff like him very much, he is very polite and gentle to the staff, just a gentleman, respected by everyone, it is a pity that he checked out, but I believe him Will be back, who wouldn't love living here?"

According to the report, it is not clear whether Beckham has returned to the UK, or chose to stay in another hotel to avoid disturbance from fans.

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