Senegal head coach Cisse.

(European News Agency)

[Reporter Lin Youchen/Comprehensive Report] At 11 o'clock this evening Taiwan time, the two places in Group A kicked off at the same time. Compared with the Netherlands, which has a considerable advantage in advancing, and the landlord Qatar, which has already been eliminated, the battle between Ecuador and Senegal is more variable. Ecuador has 4 points, and they can advance after a draw. Senegal, with 3 points, has the opportunity to advance at their feet, and they can advance if they win.

The head coach of the Senegal team, Cisse, is 46 years old this year. He is a famous defender of the national team and also serves as a defensive midfielder. He was the captain in the 2002 World Cup. Since 2015, the national team has appointed him as the head coach.

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Talking about the upcoming big war, in an interview the day before, Cisse said: "A football field is not a battlefield, and no one should be killed. But for our generation, and the generation playing football now, the next game It's going to be a decisive game and I hope we can continue this journey and I hope everyone stays focused."

Cisse said that he has great confidence in the offensive ability of his players, but also knows that the Ecuadorian team is strong. "Before we really win, we have to focus on the field. I know my boys can focus. Maybe we can play differently."

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