The strike belt has always been a contentious part of baseball.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] The decision of strike and strike has always been a controversial part of baseball games. With the advancement of technology, electronic strike belts judged by computers have come out. At present, American professional baseball has experimented in minor league games. Sexual inputs are expected to be available in the major leagues as soon as 2024.

The New York Times recently launched a mock test of the "You Be the Ump" electronic strike belt to see if the average person can make the same decisions as a major league referee.

There are 7 balls in the simulated test, and the subjects must judge whether the 7 balls are good or bad from the simulated animation, and finally get the test result.

The 7 balls tested were all actual shooting matchups in MLB, and marked the situation of the game at that time, including who was shooting, which team he played for, and the number of innings and balls at that time. After the simulation of the pitching The type of ball and speed of the ball are also displayed, and then you have to judge whether the ball is good or not.

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The simulation system launched by The New York Times uses subjects to judge whether the ball is good or bad, and see whether the result is the same as the system judgment and the actual judgment of MLB.

(taken from The New York Times)

Interestingly, for the 7 balls selected by The New York Times, the results of the electronic strike belt were different from the judgment at that time, so some controversial scenes can be seen, and the test results are right or wrong, based on the judgment of the electronic strike belt. .

The report pointed out that MLB provides ball-by-ball data for each game, and the simulation test is constructed with these data.

The report also pointed out that although the decision of good and bad balls is controversial from time to time, in fact, the correct rate of the decision of good and bad balls in the major leagues this season is as high as 93.8%.

As early as the 1950s, the Dodgers (who were still in Brooklyn at the time) had already used technology to replace the idea of ​​​​referring a good or bad ball, and really designed a judging instrument based on a mirror, but because it cannot be used at night, let this Instruments have never been put into competition.

Major League President Rob Manfred has said that he hopes to introduce electronic strike belts in 2024 to reduce the chance of artificial misjudgment. Some players have said that this will eliminate the "art" of the game, such as changing gloves after catchers catch the ball. position, to trick the referee for a strike, etc.

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