Lin Yueping.

(File photo, photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

[Reporter Ni Wanjun/Tainan Report] The United Lions exercised the least number of replay auxiliary judgments this year, but the success rate was the highest. Head coach Lin Yueping said that there is no secret, but it will avoid unnecessary challenges when it is already obvious that they are out of the game. .

Regarding the recent suggestion by Wei Quanlong head coach Ye Junzhang that the auxiliary judgment must be "limited", Lin Yueping thinks this is a difficult thing to talk about, because according to his current challenge experience, "watching for a long time, or replaying different pictures all the time, is not a problem. I'm about to revise the sentence, and I'm trying to find evidence for the revision." Therefore, whether to limit the time for finding "evidence", Bing always thinks that it is not easy to draw a conclusion.

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This year, the Lions have challenged 47 times. Not only are the 5 teams the least, but the number of times is far less than that of the CITIC Brothers, who ranked 1st by 42 times. However, the Lions have the highest success rate, and the number of decisions to be changed is 19 times, which is also the 5th team. The only team with a success rate of over 40%.

Mr. Pie believes that if it is a favorable time for the team and there is a high chance to change the judgment, he will execute the challenge, "If it is beneficial to the team, but obviously it is out, I will not challenge, because It just depends on whether there is a chance to turn things around, but it is clear to the naked eye and the people present, so there is no need.”

Mr. Bing also pointed out that this year, he personally had some inappropriate behaviors regarding the result of the auxiliary judgment, "I now think that as long as the procedure reaches the auxiliary judgment, it will be left to a third party to decide. Even if the result will be uncomfortable, it cannot be To change the facts, you have to accept and face them.”

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