The Balkan midfielder, Meriton Korenica, has continued with good performances, scoring a super goal against Skopje.   

He further added that the team made a wise play knowing that Skopje has quality players.

"It was a very difficult game, knowing that Skopje plays well.

We approached the game to the max and did what we have been working on during the week.

We hope to defend the 2-1 result and advance to the group stage".

"The game was open, with a lot of possession.

Skopje had possession, we made a smart play, knowing that Skopje has a lot of good individuals."

"We hope to move to the next stage.

We play our game, we don't look at who the opponent is".

"Tonight we were careful and scored two goals.

We will always play our game.

There are still 90 minutes and we hope we don't go to extra time, said Korenica.

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⚽ Korenica

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The return match takes place after a week in "Fadil Vokrri".