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New Delhi:

Saurav Ghoshal, who won a bronze medal in squash for India at the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, has said that he is very happy with the medal he has received and hopes that the medal will make the sport more popular in the country.

Also, this medal means a lot in terms of moving forward for myself.

He said that I was working hard for many years to win this medal and it was too late.

I am glad that my hard work was successful in 2022 in Birmingham. 

This game did not get much attention in India.

And on the question of whether its strong infrastructure is needed in the country now, Ghoshal said that infrastructure is an important part of a product.

It is important to have experts and good coaches and it is important to get good coverage with the right guidance from the beginning.

He said that the achievements we have achieved in the last 10-15 years will definitely inspire the children. 

Everyone in your family is playing.

It also includes Dinesh Karthik, Deepika and Mata ji.

In such a situation, where does your award come, but Sourav said that everyone is happy with this victory of mine.

Everyone knows how hard I have worked behind the scenes.

Overall, this medal is a big achievement for the country and the family.

Saurav Ghoshal had won the country a bronze medal on Wednesday, which will surely make it more popular among the youth. 

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