The Kosovo Mediterranean team will consist of 40 athletes from 13 different sports for the Mediterranean Games Oran 2022, which from June 25 to July 6, 2022, will be held in the city of Oran, Algeria.

The list is led by the Olympic champion, judoka, Distria Krasniqi.

Judo is also mostly athletes, a total of eight.

Along with Krasniqi, from the most successful sport in the country, are also the 2021 European champion, Akil Gjakova, the 2019 bronze medalist of the world, Loriana Kuka, the 2022 European runner-up, Laura Fazliu, while the cause of injury is missing the Olympic champion, Nora Gjakova.

Boxing will be represented by five competitors, while the participation of Donjeta Sadiku stands out, who last month won the world bronze medal.

The list of five karatekas is led by Elhami Shabani, who recently won the European bronze medal, while from wrestling is the seventh place at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Egzon Shala.

The European champion in the U-20 age group, in shot put, Muhamet Ramadani, represents athletics along with three other competitors.

Sports such as swimming (two), taekwondo (two), archery (three), sports archery (two), tennis, table tennis (two), gymnastics (two) and badminton (one) will also be represented in Oran.

The President of the Kosovo Olympic Committee, Ismet Krasniqi, said that Oran 2022 is a good opportunity for other sports to win medals.

"Apart from judo, we also expect medals from boxing, karate, wrestling and athletics, as we have good potential to do so.

"Our goal is to give the maximum and the team to return with as many medals as possible", said Krasniqi.

3390 athletes from 26 countries of Europe, Africa and Asia participate in Oran.

Kosovo for the first time in the Mediterranean Games was presented in Tarragona, Spain, in 2018, in which case out of 40 participating athletes, won four medals, three gold and one silver, all from the sport of judo.

Kosovo List for the Mediterranean Games Oran 2022


Distria Krasniqi (-52 kg)

Akil Gjakova (-73 kg)

Loriana Kuka (-78 kg)

Laura Fazliu (-63 kg)

Flaka Loxha (-57 kg)

Erza Muminovic (-48 kg)

Arbër Kullashi (-81 kg)

Shpati Zekaj (-100 kg)

Coaches: Driton Kuka and Majlinda Kelmendi


Donjeta Sadiku (-60 kg)

Bashkim Bajoku (-52 kg)

Shpetim Bajoku (-63 kg)

Patriot Behrami (-69 kg)

Lorent Murati (-57 kg)

Coaches: Besim Brahimi and Faton Xhakli


Egzon Shala (-125 kg)

Alban Sopa (-74 kg)

Trainer: Sylejman Shala


Elhami Shabani (-75 kg)

Fortesa Orana (+68 kg)

Melos Gashi (-84 kg)

Albulenë Gërvalla (-55 kg)

Adelina Rama (-61 kg)

Trainer: Ylber Syla and Nazmi Gashi


Muhamet Ramadani (throwing the ball)

Astrit Kryeziu (800 m.)

Gresa Bakraqi (3000 m.)

Alaudin Suma (discus throw)

Coaches: Shaban Ramadani and Bajram Duja


Alush Telaku (butterfly: 100m., 200m., 50m)

Vanesa Beka (delf. 100m., Mix 200m., Sl 400m., Mix 400m., Delf. 50m., S l. 800m.)

Trainer: Kujtim Kito


Hazir Asllani (70m. Ind)

Edi Dvorani (70m. Ind)

Valmir Gllareva (70m. Ind)

Trainer: Fehmi Bylykbashi

Sports Shooting

Nexhat Sahiti (10 m. Pist. Air)

Drilon Ibrahimi (10 m. Rifle. Air)

Trainer: Fehmi Berisha


Arbër Azemi (-68 kg)

Arbër Bajra (-80 kg)

Trainer: Nuhi Gashi


Vesa Gjinaj

Vullnet Tashi

Trainer: Jeton Hadërgjonaj

table tennis

Fatih Karabaxhak

Kreshnik Mahmuti

Trainer: Dardan Imami


Elvis Çitaku

Valëza Rama

Trainer: Abeliana Bregu


Rinor Gllareva

Trainer: Lulezim Haziri


Latif Demolli (boxing)

Fatmir Salhija (judo)

Besart Vitia (karate)