The President of the UAE was reassured by King Abdullah II about the situation in Jordan, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed called on God Almighty to preserve the Kingdom of Jordan and its people and grant them the blessings of security, safety and stability, stressing that the UAE stands with the Kingdom in a way that preserves its security and preserves its stability, according to what was reported. Emirates News Agency "WAM".

For his part, King Abdullah II expressed his appreciation to the President of the UAE for the good feelings he expressed towards the Kingdom of Jordan and its people, wishing the UAE continued progress.

During the call, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and King Abdullah II also discussed a number of regional and international issues of common concern, most notably the situation in the Middle East region and developments in the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, stressing in this context the importance of intensifying efforts to achieve a ceasefire in the Strip and strengthening efforts to Efforts to respond to the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza.

The two sides stressed the need for serious international action to prevent the expansion of the conflict in the region and spare it the consequences of new crises, in addition to creating a clear political horizon for a just and comprehensive peace based on the “two-state solution” that guarantees the preservation of stability and security for all.